Rev. Okoye tasks Nigerians to live for eternal values

Former Aso Rock Chaplain to two former Nigerian presidents, Olusegun Obasanjo and Goodluck Jonathan, Rev. William Okoye, has urged Nigerians to allow things of eternal value to take permanence in their lives.

Okoye said this at the burial ceremony of his late wife, Evangelist Helen Okoye, in Agulu, Anambra state.

“I had a very intimate relationship with my wife, every moment was exciting, not that we don’t have misunderstanding but our relationship was deep.

“She was able to live out her dreams which were to bring honour and Glory to God.

“We compete on a daily basis on who will out do the other in terms of giving, making sacrifices and reaching out to people.

“This primitive accumulation of wealth which has grounded our nation, people think money is everything; we worship material things which are meaningless,” he said.

According to the cleric, after the death of my wife I couldn’t go into our room because all her property were just there, stirring me in the face I couldn’t stop but ask what is the meaning of life.

“We go out of our way to harm others, step on people’s toes over material things which are meaningless and it sends a clear message to me that life is vanity upon vanity.

“We are busy acquiring material things and at the end we wouldn’t even know who kept what or how our wealth is consumed.

“The most important thing is to live to please God and be a blessing to humanity, things of eternal value must take permanence in our lives,” he said.