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<div style='display:none'>Q21 Real Estate Promociones nuevos vecinos singular houses//</div> Basdeo Paanday is 86-years-old

Basdeo Paanday is 86-years-old

At 86, former Prime Minister Basdeo Panday continues to advocate for a better Trinidad and Tobago.


Whether it happens in his lifetime, only time will tell, but he has high hopes his daughter, Mickela can do it.

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In a telephone interview with Express on Monday, Panday, who seemed to be in good spirits, said, “I celebrated my birthday (on Sunday) with a party – a political party.”

Following in her father’s footsteps, Mickela has entered the political leadership arena with the formation of a new political party called Patriotic Force (PF).

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The launch, which coincided with Panday’s 86th birthday was held at Marie Street, Chaguanas.

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Asked about the new party’s chances of winning the next general elections, Panday said, “I don’t know, it depends on the people. The object of this moment is that somebody has the guts to try.”

He said, “There are so many problems in the country at the moment that has to be attended to. One has to have some kind of vision for the country. I remember that was the first thing that came to mind as PM. What kind of vision do I have for the society? What are the mechanisms that I must put in place to achieve them and so on, but I don’t see that, so that’s why this new political party will set the tone for that kind of conversation.”

How does he feel about your daughter’s decision to return to electoral politics?

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SUBSCRIBE/ LOG IN Panday said, “It is her decision and her wish. If she believes she can make some sort of contribution to make Trinidad a better place for all us to live in then I told her she has my support.”

The country is facing many problems, and crime is one of them, but Panday says they are all connected, and something needs to be done to solve it.

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He said, “We know crime is a problem, but we know the actions taken to solve crime cannot be done overnight. It has to do with education, our culture, unemployment and other things. It is a multi-faceted problem that needs multifaceted solutions.”

“First of all if the country was going well there would have be no need for another political party. If the Opposition was doing its job then it would be no need,” he said.

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Asked about the extent of his involvement in the PF, Panday said, “I hope I would be involved. I have spoken to my daughter to let her know that I am available to give advice when and if she needs it.”

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