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Crawford cops R&R International 11-race cycling meet ahead of Greene

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Crawford cops R&R International 11-race cycling meet ahead of Greene

Romello Crawford is a picture of jubilation as he crosses the finish line ahead of Andre Greene and Michael Anthony. THE feature 35-lap Schoolboys and Invitational race of the R&R International 11-race cycling meet was a push and pull of momentum, which was eventually won by Romello Crawford, after powering down the homestretch to claim top honours at the inner circuit of the National Park.

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The race began with 28 starters but Crawford, along with Andre ‘Padlock’ Greene and Michael Anthony, broke away from the peloton to good effect and maintained their distance. In the end it was always going to be a three-way sprint to decide the winner and Crawford, who is known for his explosive sprinting, broke away with 200 metres left and never looked back crossing the finish line in jubilant celebrations.

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Greene settled for second while Anthony finished third with Cortis Dey, Geron Williams and Paul DeNobrega closing out the top six in that order.

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Of the eight primes (sprint prizes) up for grabs, Junior Niles took three, Crawford two while Warren McKay, Stephano Husbands and Alex Mendis took one each. In the Veterans U-50 5-lap race, Jaikaran Sukhai prevailed ahead of Junior Niles to take top honours while Warren McKay was third, Sukhai grabbed the only sprint prize up on offer.

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Meanwhile, in the Over-50 race, Kennard Lovell beat Linden Blackman to first place with Bochal Samaroo finishing third.

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In the 12-14 BMX Boys and Girls race, Jaheme Henry was the top rider while Steve Bhimsen and Sherwin Sampson were second and third respectively. Henry also won the Juveniles race while Bhimsen settled for second and Mark Lewis finished third

The cyclists will now head over to the roadways of West Demerara for the second meet of the weekend

The R&R International road race will begin at Schoonord on the West Bank of Demerara. The cyclists head to Parika and double back for the finish at the point of origin. The race pedals off at 08:30hrs