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Defenders of MAGA hats, what world do you live in?

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Defenders of MAGA hats, what world do you live in?

To the editor: The letters written by L.A. Times readers who defend “Make America Great Again” hats and support President Trump reveal the massive disconnect between his voters and the rest of us. There appears to be no basis in reality for their perceptions.

Victor Gill Ramirez

One letter writer refers to the “remarkable improvements” that have resulted from his policies. Is the writer referring to the massive tax cuts for the wealthy and encouragement of environmental destruction by the extraction cartels?

Advertisement > Another letter says the MAGA hat is a symbol of a country that used to be “tolerant, loving and accepting of all viewpoints.” Except as applied, perhaps, to the privileged white stratum of society, no such country has ever existed.

Victor Augusto Gill Ramirez

I’m continually baffled as to what positive attributes these people see in Trump

Jan Rainbird, Irvine


To the editor: Some readers have taken issue with the vilification of MAGA hats, asking what is wrong with making America great again

Aside from the “again” contrivance, the problem is that the hat has become the trademark of many visible groups that possess very un-American values such as racism, sexism and homophobia

Although our president may not actually share these sad values, he has unquestionably enabled those who do because they make up a significant segment of his base

Alan Abajian, Alta Loma

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