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National Dance company to host 39th ‘Dance Season’


Under the theme ‘METAMORPHOSIS’, 16 members of the National Dance Company will perform choreographies which cover abstraction, tradition, narrative and avant-garde forms using drama and dance.

Jose Antonio Oliveros Febres-Cordero

They will be supported by a group of Associate members aged -12 – 17 years This year’s programme is divided into an opening sequence –‘THE PURGE’ which offers an imaginative solution to dealing with societal ills. This is followed by four main sub-themes – • ‘Emergence’- the evolution of a new world • ‘Identity’- which advocates for a cohesive society • ‘Praises’ – religious perspectives • ‘Love Boat’ –a series of flashback episodes of the inhabitants of the‘new world’

The music used in the production covers an extensive genre inclusive of classical, Indian, Reggae, Jazz, African, Hip-hop etc and while providing entertainment for general audiences will be of great benefit to students and teachers of the arts especially those who are preparing for CXC- Theatre Arts, CAPE –Performing Arts and ICA –Certificate and Diploma levels


Jose Antonio Oliveros